At SSC, we work with your budget to make the best solution based on your requirement and priorities. We can provide the best infrastructure and services possible through Remote Desktop Services (RDS environment), SharePoint Environment with data protection, server maintenance and help desk support.  


There is greater demand for remote work. SSC can help you consider the risk and rewards of building a fully remote environment for your company and people. 


SSC provides a monthly flat rate per hour for its suite of services. Knowing your monthly costs for IT support services provides predictable IT service expenses which helps chart your financial course. 


We look at your overall systems and architecture and provide options. Our approach is to be open with as much information as possible to help you make the right investments. 


SSC provides backup services along with security measures to protect your data. We can also look at your entire operation and recommend actions to protect your data as much as possible. Think of cyber security like maintaining your house in proper order. You can have an aging roof, an old furnace or even a threat at your front door. There are multiple ways at which cyber threats can present itself which requires a comprehensive understanding of each risk to plan for future action. 


Going to RDS Environment or Cloud based services require a change management approach. We will work with you to provide tools and resources to help your people embrace change to work smarter. 


Before we do anything,  we will conduct an inventory of your existing systems in order to understand the impact of any decisions, provide appropriate support and help plan for implementation. 


Our proposal after learning about your system will include business continuity and process of moving back to your original environment.


We can help you make investment decisions by sharing insight on our suite of services at SSC. Request a quote! 


We provide website development and maintenance as well as working remotely for your people. Contact us so we can get going!